Auto Glass Replacement in McKinney After Hail Storms!

The recent hail storms have definitely taken a toll for all of McKinney Texas locals…however here are some tips when it comes to choosing the right provider for your auto glass replacement!

Car and truck drivers should know that a small chip in a windshield has the ability to quickly spread and turn into a large crack. There are many reasons why this can happen including driving on a rough road, slamming the car door too hard, or temperature changes. If the crack becomes too large then the windshield will no longer be able to be repaired. At this point, the windshield needs to be replaced.

Placing a windshield may seem like a no-brainer. After all, you only need to go to your local glass replacement shop, isn’t that right? Unfortunately, like most things, not every company will have the same high standard when it comes to materials and installation. For anyone who lives in McKinney Texas, it is good to know that there is an excellent windshield & auto glass McKinney company, that meets all of the criteria for excellent service, materials, and installation.

Your windshield auto glass is perhaps one of the most important safety features in your vehicle. Not only will protect you against inclement weather, it will also provide protection in case of an accident. For this reason, car manufacturers only use quality glass for their windshields. They do this because the glass will not have any cloudiness or distortions and therefore it allows the driver to see exceptionally well.

This is one of the main considerations when choosing an auto glass shop. You want the company to replace your windshield with OEM glass as opposed to aftermarket glass. OEM glass is superior and will meet the high standards that a generic glass cannot. Inferior glass can cause visual distortions and shatter or break much easier.

Another important consideration when choosing glass replacement is the installation and the materials being used. Besides the quality of the glass, the quality of the material holding your glass in the place is an important factor. The better glass replacement shops will use the same adhesive that the car manufacturer uses. A high-quality urethane adhesive is guaranteed to hold your windshield in place during an accident. Inferior quality urethane will break down in time and may cause a windshield to loosen.

Make sure that your glass company uses two technicians for each installation. To correctly install a windshield requires two qualified technicians as it is a two-person job. An improperly installed windshield looks shoddy and eventually will allow water to enter. Also, only deal with a glass replacement company that offers a lifetime guarantee on their labor and materials.